Work at Next Day Animations

Of course, a lot of what I do at Next Day is behind-the-scenes work with clients and internal marketing materials, but here are some of my favorite projects from the past year or so that I’ve collaborated on.

Client Coloring Book

The coloring book was a holiday gift to connect with clients during the cold winter months of Covid. I did the “concepting,” layout, type and design and our illustration team provided wonderful illustration.


The website is going through constant improvements, but last year I contributed some updates with new gifs, plugins and general layout.

Internal Videos

I’ve contributed design and animation to our outward-facing video content since 2019 – you can watch some of them here. My favorite from 2020 was this early pandemic PSA.

Along with our blog visuals and social media content, I’ve also been working on an updated branding guideline, a client welcome package, and lots more.

Client Work

I’ve been project managing/designing for a large number of clients, primarily graphics, infographics, promotional materials, websites and over 35 social media “packages.”

Some of my favorite client work has been redesigning a brand guideline, promotional graphics, and website for Minnesota Environmental Fund, which launched last spring.

My other favorites have been a comic book about “Covid in the Workplace” for Clark Construction, and many fun promotional infographics for WGL Energy.