Hi there! My name is Maya. I’m a graphic designer/artist/writer living in Baltimore, MD.


I work full time as a Designer at Next Day Animations, a communications agency specializing in explainer videos for nonprofit organizations. On the Marketing team, I oversee web design, art direct/design inbound campaigns, and create content for social media, youtube, blog articles, and more. 

I also project manage most of our non animation clients, art directing and designing infographics, social media packages, animated logos, and print materials. 

I’ve helped clients present their best selves by revitalizing branding guidelines and logos, and assisting in web development (on a scale of consulting certain pages to designing whole websites). Past projects include Minnesota Environmental Fund, Global Virus Network, and BYM Camps.

It’s a great workplace. Here’s some of us at our retreat in 2021.


Favorite things: running, biking, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, being outside.

Occasionally, I do improv at BIG after a college career in the trenches of improv and sketch comedy, and also get to improvise when my nerd friends pull me into their latest Dungeons and Dragons conquest.

I love movies, TV, art, music, books, and podcasts. On a quarterly basis, I try to send a newsletter with some of my favorite artists and illustrators, as well as what I’m listening to, watching or reading.

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