Hi there! My name is Maya. I’m a graphic designer/artist/writer living in Baltimore, MD.


As well as whatever off-hand freelance gigs come my way, I also work on the  creative team at Rinck Advertising as a Graphic Designer. 

Before that I was a Designer at Next Day Animations, a communications agency specializing in explainer videos for nonprofit organizations (see my contributions here!). 

Want to know more about how I got my chops? Check out all my past jobs (not including the seasonal stint at Home Depot in Christmas of 2015).

When not doing my day job, I’m working on personal projects that hope to see the light of day.


Favorite things: running, biking, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, being outside.

Occasionally, I do improv at BIG after a college career in the trenches of improv and sketch comedy.

I love movies, TV, art, music, books, and podcasts. On a quarterly basis, I try to send a newsletter with some of my favorite artists and illustrators, as well as what I’m listening to, watching or reading.

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