Hi there! My name is Maya. I’m a graphic designer/artist/writer living in Baltimore, MD.


I work full time on the creative team at Rinck Advertising as a Graphic Designer. 


Before that I was a Designer at Next Day Animations, a communications agency specializing in explainer videos for nonprofit organizations (see my contributions here!). 


When not doing my day job, I’m doing a handful of freelance, and some personal passion projects (mostly zines and graphic novels at the moment).


Want to know more about how I got my chops? Check out all my past jobs (not including the seasonal stint at Home Depot in Christmas of 2015).


I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, and went to University of Maryland before moving to Baltimore in 2019.

While I love to travel and explore new places, my wonder and awe for my home state has only grown in time.

I love watching and making movies, my book club discussions, and enjoying the finer things in life (running on a breezy day, black licorice, mussels, live music, new socks).


If you’re interested in a less branded version of myself, you can follow my personal instagram here.